Jeremy Satterfield
Coding, Making and Tulsa Life

I am a full-stack web developer with a focus on best practices and testing to insure quality, readable and efficient code and reliable infrastructure. I enjoy working on civic and community driven open-source projects and volunteering for local hackathons and growing the local and regional developer community.

Development Experience

Senior Software Developer - Halliburton (acquired Summit ESP in July 2017)

December 2014 - Present

Working as technical lead, architecting and maintaining an in-house ticketing system using a Python/Django backend with a Django REST Framework based API, using Angular.js for the web frontend. Architected and lead the team on breaking our primary monolithic application into a microservice infrastructure. Lead the team in building a PySide/Qt based application which provided data entry and syncing with the ERP via the available API. Primary developer involved in DevOps managing SaltStack based configuration management for deploying several applications and architecting an experimental transition to a Docker, Kubernetes and Spinnaker test deployment pipeline. Involved in planning and design of new features including spending time with users to see how they interact with the system and working with product managers to help shape intuitive and efficient features and workflows

Technologies used: Linux, Python, Django, MySQL, Javascript, CoffeeScript, Angular.js, Stylus/CSS, SaltStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, Amazon Web Services, Grunt, Gulp, StackStorm, Graphite/Statsd, Hubot

Projects contributed to: Infrastructure Salt States, Python Catalog, Django DB Email backend, Python REST Client, Django LDAP Auth Backend/Summit LDAP Backend

Senior Developer -

December 2010 - December 2014

Worked as a developer converting a code base from static PHP to a dynamic Python/Django site, and growing site traffic through improving site performance, A/B testing, and appropriate use of SEO. Worked as lead developer on a reputation management SaaS product, growing it from a new product to the company's primary revenue source. Involved in planning of software stack and primary developer for continued work on a relatively small but efficient infrastructure capable of serving several million pageviews monthly, with resources to spare.

Technologies used: Linux, Python, Django, MySQL, CoffeeScript/Javascript, Stylus/CSS, SaltStack, Brunch, CDN Storage, Celery

Projects contributed to: Django Affect, Django Urlographer, Django Test Utilities

Web Developer - OpenTundra

December 2008 - December 2010

Worked as primary developer building the API, web and reporting interfaces for a vehicle and assert tracking system. Worked on kiosk software for managing and reporting fluid dispensing for stationary and mobile tanks and telemetry for vehicles.

Technologies used: Linux, Coldfusion, MySQL, Python, Django, Javascript, CSS, Serial Communication, Hardware Interaction

Analyst - AT&T Mobility

March 2007 - November 2008

Working as primary developer and analyst for several intranet applications, including a custom reporting interface, a technical support CRM with dynamic report builder and correspondence CRM, as well as other in-house projects as needed. Built a custom authentication and permissions framework for these applications to provide granular role-based security.

Technologies used: Coldfusion, MS-SQL Server, Javascript, CSS


TulsaWebDevs - Volunteer

December 2010 - Present

I have worked with the TulsaWebDevs participating in and helping to organize several events, such as civic hackathons, hackdays, monthly meetings and technology conferences to help the local developer community and the civic community as a whole.

Projects contributed to: TRIF, Tulsa Transit GTFS, Django Boundary Service

Code for Tulsa - Delivery Lead

February 2014 - Present

One of two Delivery Leads, volunteering for Code for Tulsa brigade of Code for America, responsible for having a working knowledge of all projects, understanding the needs of projects and connecting other brigade members to projects.

Civic Ninjas - Developer

December 2013 - July 2014

Developing an application for citizens to analyze health demographics for specific cities and neighborhoods to better make healthy decisions for their families.

Projects contributed to:


  • Python
  • Django
  • Linux Administration
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SaltStack
  • HTML
  • Nginx
  • Javascript
  • CoffeeScript
  • CSS
  • Stylus
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • GIS


Tulsa Community College - Computer Science

2001 - 2003

While attending, enrolled in courses in Computer science with a web design and development emphasis. Also took courses in accounting and business.

Activities and Societies: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Tulsa Technology Center - Computer Science

1999 - 2002